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What to Expect if You Get Laser Hair Removal

We all have unique hair types. Some people’s hair is thin and straight, others thick and curly. In some cases, there is hair in parts of the body where it just doesn’t look good. For example, many men begin to notice hair growing on their shoulders and backs as they get older. Some grow hair […]

This Treatment is Clearly Brilliant for Beautiful Skin

Whether you are noticing the signs of aging or sun damage or you want to maintain your smooth, radiant skin for as long as possible, you may be considering how professional treatments may help. Facials, skincare products, and other treatments are widely available. They are so common, in fact, that you may not know which […]

Let’s Get Clear on Skin Cancer

We’re not much different than anyone else come the end of hibernation season. As the weather heats up, we love the outdoors. At the same time, we understand that we have to find balance between the benefits of sunlight and its stimulation of vitamin D in the body and the potential for skin cancer. As […]

How Kybella Can Demolish your Double Chin

They say that it’s difficult to banish stubborn fat. There may be no part of the body for which this is truer than the upper neck. Excess fat beneath the chin is called submental fullness, though most people know it as the dreaded double chin. What’s difficult about this area is that we can’t exercise […]

Beautiful Skin can be a Given

There are many things in life that we shouldn’t take for granted. Our health, our relationships, our beauty . . . these are all aspects that aren’t a given; they are not guaranteed to last or thrive as well as they could. To make something a given, we must put effort into it. When it […]

Loose Skin AND Fat Under the Chin? We Need to Talk!

Fat under the chin is a common problem that we hear described as a double-chin. Many adults have excess fatty tissue in the uppermost area of the neck. Some also have loose skin, a natural sign of aging. When the two exist together, they can become one big cosmetic concern. Historically, it has been necessary […]