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Beautiful Skin can be a Given

There are many things in life that we shouldn’t take for granted. Our health, our relationships, our beauty . . . these are all aspects that aren’t a given; they are not guaranteed to last or thrive as well as they could. To make something a given, we must put effort into it. When it […]

Loose Skin AND Fat Under the Chin? We Need to Talk!

Fat under the chin is a common problem that we hear described as a double-chin. Many adults have excess fatty tissue in the uppermost area of the neck. Some also have loose skin, a natural sign of aging. When the two exist together, they can become one big cosmetic concern. Historically, it has been necessary […]

Why Does Laser Hair Removal Take So Long?

The end of the hot summer months means that shorts will be traded for long pants and sweaters. This is a time of year at which many people celebrate the end of needing to shave and wax as frequently as they have been. Unwanted hair is something of a problem for many of us. Why […]

Lasers and Lights: So Many Options!

In recent years, the advances in laser and light treatments have created multiple avenues for folks interested in managing aging without surgery. Some experts predict that surgical procedures like facelift surgery will decrease substantially in the coming years due to the immense rejuvenating power of laser and light treatments. In our Westport, CT dermatology practice, […]

We Need to Talk about Skin Cancer

Skin cancer awareness has increased significantly in the last decade alone. Most people at least know that they should wear sunscreen every day. Doctors and skincare experts are educating people on the value of broad-spectrum sunscreen and staying out of the sun during peak daylight hours. There is even an increasing number of people getting […]

Could This be Your Year of Beauty?

Beauty is something we’d like to maintain throughout our lifetime. Fortunately, it is easy to accomplish this goal. First, we can recognize that true beauty comes from within. You may have heard it said before that nothing makes you more attractive than a smile. Multiple research studies confirm that what we are drawn to most […]


Baby, It’s Cold (and Dry) Outside!

The Winter Wonderland has returned, and that brings most of us a lot of joy. There’s something special about sipping hot cocoa by a crackling fire while the snow falls outside the window. On the flip side, there can be something a little frustrating about the dryness in the air that coincides with falling temperatures. […]

Details about Kybella Treatment Help You Make an Informed Decision

In the past, we had no way of treating submental fullness without surgery. A person with a double-chin either lived with the frustrating consequences of excess fatty tissue at the uppermost part of the neck or they had liposuction surgery to eliminate stubborn fat cells. Fortunately, our options have expanded. In our Westport dermatology practice, […]