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Get an Upper Hand on Acne

Millions of teenagers have acne. Statistics have historically demonstrated a prevalence of this condition among young people. However, that doesn’t mean that younger adults, or even adults of any age, do not continue to struggle with their skin. Acne has ties both to the P. acnes bacterium and also to hormones. Those two factors alone […]

The Transition into Springtime

Life is all about transitions. Throughout every age and stage, we notice certain aspects of our mindset evolving; certain things about our body that have changed. Maintaining dermatologic health and attractive skin is not difficult when you understand the nuances of transition. We are, in fact, in one of those times right now. As the […]

An Easy Tip for Better Skin

Many of our patients ask what they should be doing to keep their skin looking healthy and young. Most people are aware that the building block to great skin is collagen. What a large percentage of the population doesn’t know is that UV rays break down collagen, and thus promotes aging. This is why a […]

In-between Your Injectable Treatments

Regardless of your injectable treatment of choice, whether it be Juvéderm®, Perlane®, Restylane®, Sculptra®, Radiesse or Botox, you should take special care of your skin between your treatments – because you want the most optimum injectable results. Here are four “in-between injectable” tips: Remove your makeup every night. Even if it’s the very last thing […]