Kybella is The New “It” Treatment for That Pesky Double-Chin

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Many people have an accumulation of fat cells just below their chin. This problem is not-so-affectionately referred to as a double-chin. A double-chin should not be mistaken for “turkey neck.” The latter is related to skin looseness, whereas submental fullness, aka double-chin, is strictly a fat problem. And this is precisely why it is so […]

Why Clear + Brilliant Wins Among Millennials

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We commonly expect for men and women in their forties and beyond to express at least a little concern about the way their skin is aging. Lines and wrinkles are often reduced with injectables. Some people undergo laser treatments, light treatments, LED treatments, ultrasound skin tightening, or other procedures to gain a bit of control […]

Acne-Fighting Tips to Keep You in the Clear

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Skincare is an important topic of discussion for every person. Rarely do you meet someone who can go through life only splashing water on their face and yet continually look youthful and radiant? It just doesn’t happen. There are too many factors that affect our skin, and some of them create a tendency toward acne. […]