Baby, It’s Cold (and Dry) Outside!

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The Winter Wonderland has returned, and that brings most of us a lot of joy. There’s something special about sipping hot cocoa by a crackling fire while the snow falls outside the window. On the flip side, there can be something a little frustrating about the dryness in the air that coincides with falling temperatures. […]

Sail into the Holiday Season with Smoother, Tighter Skin

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This time of year has many of us looking more closely at ourselves in the mirror. The holiday gatherings that will soon be in full swing have a way of prompting us to want to look our best. Just about everyone we meet likes to feel good when they see themselves in pictures with friends […]

Details about Kybella Treatment Help You Make an Informed Decision

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In the past, we had no way of treating submental fullness without surgery. A person with a double-chin either lived with the frustrating consequences of excess fatty tissue at the uppermost part of the neck or they had liposuction surgery to eliminate stubborn fat cells. Fortunately, our options have expanded. In our Westport dermatology practice, […]