Why Does Laser Hair Removal Take So Long?

The end of the hot summer months means that shorts will be traded for long pants and sweaters. This is a time of year at which many people celebrate the end of needing to shave and wax as frequently as they have been. Unwanted hair is something of a problem for many of us. Why […]

Lasers and Lights: So Many Options!

In recent years, the advances in laser and light treatments have created multiple avenues for folks interested in managing aging without surgery. Some experts predict that surgical procedures like facelift surgery will decrease substantially in the coming years due to the immense rejuvenating power of laser and light treatments. In our Westport, CT dermatology practice, […]

RF Microneedling: How Does it Compare to Traditional Microneedling?

In recent years, the regenerative capacity of collagen and elastin have become well-recognized. The more we have come to realize that daily living literally breaks down collagen on a consistent basis, the more we have sought ways to prevent this from happening. Some steps we take, like wearing sunscreen, can slow down the degradation of […]