For the First-Time Filler

Dermal fillers have been widely used all around the world for the past few decades. The first use of soft tissue fillers began about 50 years ago, actually. At that time, products were based on animal sources and required pre-testing to avoid an adverse reaction. As you can imagine, that technique never really caught on. […]

What to Expect if You Get Laser Hair Removal

We all have unique hair types. Some people’s hair is thin and straight, others thick and curly. In some cases, there is hair in parts of the body where it just doesn’t look good. For example, many men begin to notice hair growing on their shoulders and backs as they get older. Some grow hair […]

Tanning: We Can’t Ignore the Ugly Truth


This time of year, most people are ready to revel in the warmth of the sun. For some, sunshine holds the promise of getting beautifully tanned skin. While this may be admirable from a cosmetic standpoint, there is more harm than good done when we tan. This is true whether that tan is developed by […]