Have You Heard of RF Microneedling? You’ll Want To!

In recent years, the face of cosmetic dermatology has changed quite a bit. First, we had lasers, then we had microneedling, then we had radiofrequency (RF), and now we have microneedling and RF together. The developments in aesthetic medicine occur so quickly it can be hard to keep up. We’re here to help you find […]

Five Sunscreen Myths We Hope You’re Not Believing

Skin care

Summer is fast approaching and, with the increased heat, more people are heading to pools and lakes and beaches to cool off. For several years, we have been advised by experts to avoid the sun during peak hours and to apply sunscreen and other protection anytime we do go outdoors. The use of sunscreen may […]

Laser Hair Removal May Not Be What You Think

Laser Hair Removal

If you think back to adolescence, you may remember having an idea of shaving as somewhat wondrous. Most of us couldn’t wait until our parents finally granted us permission to wield a razor on unwanted hair. A few nicks and cuts later, we had a solid practice established and relished in our newfound sense of […]