Why You Have Spider Veins and What to Do About Them

Visible veins can cause a great deal of emotional upset, especially during the summer months. People who notice squiggly lines of red, blue, and purple webs on the skin sometimes worry that they have or will get varicose veins. These webs are spider veins, and they may develop due to a variety of factors. Here, […]

Summertime Skin Care

Everyone struggles with certain skin issues from time to time, even dermatologists. Knowing that a change in season can mean big changes for the skin, we want to offer some expert tips to help you avoid unexpected frustration. As the summer season gets into full swing, we suggest the following. Lighten Up In the winter, […]

CoolSculpting: Let’s Get This Party Started!

Winter has passed and now it’s time to celebrate! As we shed the layers of clothing that have been essential these past several months, we may start noticing some things all those sweaters and jackets were disguising. We might see a few extra dimples on the thighs or buttocks. An increase in waist or arm […]