Laser Hair Removal May Not Be What You Think

Laser Hair Removal

If you think back to adolescence, you may remember having an idea of shaving as somewhat wondrous. Most of us couldn’t wait until our parents finally granted us permission to wield a razor on unwanted hair. A few nicks and cuts later, we had a solid practice established and relished in our newfound sense of […]

We Need to Talk about Skin Cancer

Skin cancer | Westport CT

Skin cancer awareness has increased significantly in the last decade alone. Most people at least know that they should wear sunscreen every day. Doctors and skincare experts are educating people on the value of broad-spectrum sunscreen and staying out of the sun during peak daylight hours. There is even an increasing number of people getting […]

How LED Light Therapy Promotes Beautiful Skin

LED light therapy, Westport, CT

LED light therapy has become a popular add-on for facial treatments such as chemical peels. We are proud to offer this service in our Westport office and, realizing that many people may not know what LED can do for their skin, want to shed some light on this form of light therapy. What is it? […]