We Need to Talk about Vaginal Health

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The discussion about women’s health is incomplete if we do not acknowledge the integral aspect that vaginal health has in a woman’s sense of well-being. As women age, most experience changes that relate to pregnancy, childbirth, and hormones. These changes are often unexpected and rarely welcomed. However, because the condition we refer to as vaginal […]

Don’t Sweat Through Summer, Get MiraDry!

miraDry® Westport, CT

Summertime promises us loads of fun as well as ample opportunity to soak up some sunshine. Where there is sunshine in the summer, there is bound to be heat. For most people, a little extra warmth after months of winter sounds appealing. If you are someone who tends to sweat quickly and profusely, the rising […]

Sunburn Care 101

Sun Spots Westport, CT

With summertime just about in full swing, we are being called into the outdoors. More of us get out and get social during the summer months. We hike, we bike, we swim, we may even plant a garden. During our excursions, we may be feeding our sense of wellness, but we also may be putting […]