LED Light Therapy can Boost Your Skin and More

Woman lies in bed with led light therapy facial mask and relax. Home skincare and me time concept. Light rejuvenating mask for facial skin therapy. Photodynamic therapy mask on female face. Copy space

We’ve heard more about LED lighting in recent years, but few people realize that this type of light source can be used therapeutically. We may know it as an energy-saver for the home, but not as a skin and mood booster. Here at Westport Dermatology & Laser Center, LED light treatments are quite popular. We […]

Addressing the Aging Neck

Like all areas of the body, the neck looks different as we age. Even though we look at ourselves in the mirror every day, a great many of us fail to see how the skin on our neck is becoming loose and saggy. Here, we discuss what may change with age and what we can […]

What to Do and Not Do During and After CoolSculpting

The end of summer seems to be in sight. However, when it comes to scheduling treatment like CoolSculpting, the old adage “there is no time like the present” holds a lot of weight. What shouldn’t be holding excess weight and fatty pockets is your body, and now is a great time to address problem areas […]