Details about Kybella Treatment Help You Make an Informed Decision

Kybella Westport, CT

In the past, we had no way of treating submental fullness without surgery. A person with a double-chin either lived with the frustrating consequences of excess fatty tissue at the uppermost part of the neck or they had liposuction surgery to eliminate stubborn fat cells. Fortunately, our options have expanded. In our Westport dermatology practice, […]

What to Know About Red Moles

General Dermatology Westport, CT

Because cancer has touched so many people in some way or another, it is only natural that we would become concerned if we notice changes in our skin. Truth be told, the skin is always changing and asking us to pay close attention to it. The development of moles and other growths needs to be […]

We Need to Talk about Vaginal Health

Skin Tightening Westport, CT

The discussion about women’s health is incomplete if we do not acknowledge the integral aspect that vaginal health has in a woman’s sense of well-being. As women age, most experience changes that relate to pregnancy, childbirth, and hormones. These changes are often unexpected and rarely welcomed. However, because the condition we refer to as vaginal […]