Aging is Sneaky, but We’ve got Tricks up Our Sleeves

Cosmetic Skin Treatments Westport CT

Aging. It’s a natural path that humans have followed since the dawn of time. We’ve done it begrudgingly, though, some of us kicking and screaming the whole way. Why must we lose the beauty that we have become accustomed to? Why must the skin and tissue throughout the body loosen and become spotted? Because research […]

ThermiSmooth: Your Path to Tighter Skin

Image-conscious or not, more of us are realizing that we feel better when we like the way we look. Age robs us of quite a bit of the natural appeal we appreciate in the face. The good news about anti-aging is that there is an extensive list of potential treatments to support the skin as […]

Minimally Invasive Treatments at Westport Dermatology


Westport Dermatology and Laser Center provides a full range of aesthetic services customized to meet your skin’s needs. Our minimally invasive procedures will improve your skin to help you look better, feel better and live better. Our cosmetic dermatology services include: Botox/Dysport Botox and Dysport are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures to help eliminate […]