CoolSculpting: Let’s Get This Party Started!

Winter has passed and now it’s time to celebrate! As we shed the layers of clothing that have been essential these past several months, we may start noticing some things all those sweaters and jackets were disguising. We might see a few extra dimples on the thighs or buttocks. An increase in waist or arm […]

Injectable Treatments: Do This, Not That!

Many adults, when they see the signs of aging or experience other beauty concerns, think of injectables as a first-line treatment. Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers represent an enormous facet of aesthetic medicine. These treatments enable adults to feel better quickly, with minimal downtime, and without the risks of surgery. Using injectables, many people […]

Dermal Fillers: Are they Right for You?

You may know that the signs of aging aren’t right for you, at least not yet. We all have a particular image of ourselves at every age. The problem is that Mother Nature may disagree. We may develop lines and creases sooner than we’d like. We may not have the full lips or cheeks we’d […]