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Details about Kybella Treatment Help You Make an Informed Decision

In the past, we had no way of treating submental fullness without surgery. A person with a double-chin either lived with the frustrating consequences of excess fatty tissue at the uppermost part of the neck or they had liposuction surgery to…
Kybella Westport CT

Kybella is The New “It” Treatment for That Pesky Double-Chin

Many people have an accumulation of fat cells just below their chin. This problem is not-so-affectionately referred to as a double-chin. A double-chin should not be mistaken for “turkey neck.” The latter is related to skin looseness, whereas…
Kybella Westport CT

Don’t Let Your Double Chin Get You Down…Try KYBELLA®

Loving your neck and the extra skin that makes it look like you have two chins is hard to do. Many people struggle with this obvious sign of aging. The good news is that there is a new injectable product that is designed to reduce the appearance…
Kybella Westport CT