What Cool Weather has to do with Bikini Season

Laser Hair Removal Westport, CTIt is that time of year when the temperature just seems to keep dropping. After the dust settles from the busy holiday season, we are left to wish for warmer weather. Even when we do think of the glorious warmth of the Summer Sun, we may not go so far as to consider how we want to look just a few months from now. What often happens when we wait is we get into the situation of having to say “next year” to those treatments we wanted before summer. Laser hair removal, for example.

Laser Treatment for Smoother Skin

Laser hair removal has been a popular treatment for several years due to the lasting benefits it brings. Just a few treatment sessions over the course of a couple of months and it is possible to enjoy limited hair growth, if any, for many years. This is achieved by pulsing laser light toward the skin, where it enters the hair follicles. In the follicle, energy transfers to heat. This heat vaporizes hair and also partially incapacitates the follicle. To long-term results, it is necessary to progress through every stage of hair growth. That is why several treatments are scheduled.

Take Advantage of Cooler Weather for Hot Summer Skin

Laser hair removal is a weeks-long process that can ideally be completed well before the time comes to sit in the sunshine for any length of time. Throughout treatment, the skin is more vulnerable to the effects of UV exposure and heat. This is just one of the reasons why we recommend an early start to the Summer Season.

Another aspect of laser hair removal that is integral to the process – and the outcome of treatment – is the color of the skin. Paler skin is more suitable because it allows maximum absorption of laser energy into the pigment in hairs that reside in hair follicles during each treatment. It is this absorption that facilitates the final result, permanently smooth skin. By the time we reach the thick of Winter, the last of our natural Summer glow has disappeared, making this a great time to move forward with laser treatment.

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