Kick Spider Veins to the Curb

Millions of people, both men and women alike, have small spider veins on their bodies.  Spider veins are purely a cosmetic condition and do not pose a health risk to patients – in fact, many never do anything to treat their spider veins. However, if you’re tired of looking at those broken, scraggly, blue and red lines on your legs or even your face – treatment is available.

Spider veins are often located around the knees, ankles and other areas of the leg that are prone to stress. Spider veins can also appear on the face, especially the cheek area.

A majority of spider veins appear due to age. Also, if your family has a particular history of spider veins, you’re likely to develop them as well. However, a common cause of the veins appearing is due to changes in the pressure put on your legs.  If you have a job that requires standing all day, or perhaps you’ve gained a great deal of weight, including muscle, have taken up running or have become pregnant you may also notice the appearance of spider veins.

Westport Dermatology is proud to offer therapy to eliminate the appearance of your spider veins. This treatment works by injecting a saline solution into your visible spider veins, causing them to lose function and eventually absorb into your normal healthy skin tissue. In some cases you can watch the vein disappear immediately.  There is no pain and no downtime associated with treatment.

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