Melasma | Sun Spots | Westport CTMelasma

Common condition of brown patches affecting the face. More common in women and triggered by sun exposure as well as hormonal factors. Treatment starts with patient education on triggering factors. Meticulous sunblock use and sun avoidance.

What are Dark Spots?

Pigmentation/age spots are due to sun exposure. Even occasional exposure in the right skin type can lead to unwanted brown spots on the face, chest, hands, and legs.

Treatment For Dark Spots

  • Patient education is the main stay of prevention
  • IPL Photofacials
  • KTP laser- specifically targets brown spots
  • Fractionated Erbium laser resurfacing -removes brown spots, improves skin texture, tightens skin

Risk Factors For Melasma

While the precise cause of melasma is unknown, certain individuals have a genetic predisposition to developing this condition and it more frequently occurs in people with brown skin. There is also a clear correlation between female hormones and melasma, since not only are pregnant women more susceptible, but so are women on birth control or hormone replacement therapy. Sun exposure makes the development of melasma more likely, so women in tropical climates are more prone to the condition.

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