Now that summer is over, its time to get your skin checked.


The incidence of skin cancer is on the rise. One in five Americans will develop
skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. Annual skin exams and skin cancer screenings
can help detect skin cancer early. Annual skin checks are an important part of your
overall health and well-being.  Our thorough full-body skin exams will help detect
suspicious moles, abnormal growths, precancerous spots, and skin cancer.  Due to
extensive sun (UV) exposure most of us have had, we are at an increased risk for
skin cancer.  Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of skin cancer will improve
cure rates and ensure the best outcome.   Skin cancers found and removed early are
almost always curable.
We, at Westport Dermatology, will perform a step-by-step skin exam and educate you
on what to look out for.
Call the office today to schedule your annual skin exam. 203-226-3600