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I started going to Westport Dermatology group about 2 years ago and all I can say is… life-changing. I had some of the worst acne I had ever seen and with the help of Christina I was able to get my life back. She put me on Accutane back in January of 2017 which completely got rid of cystic acne. Then after that with the help of her laser team I got 7 treatments for acne scars. I can’t help but thank this team of incredible ladies enough!

Jeffrey A.

Love that I started going to this dermatologist. It’s the only place that actually had answers for my acne. I have been so happy going here and they are so helpful and friendly!

Alyssa G.

Have been seeing Dr Futoryan for many years now. I am getting older but look great for my age thanks to her and the staff. Dr Futoryan is simply the best dermatologist I have ever used. Her office is spotless and all the staff are wonderful, professional and caring. Many thanks to her and her stellar staff

Beverly D.

Dr. Futoryan and her professional staff are everything you could hope for and rarely find in a health care provider. On my first visit, for an unrelated matter, Dr. Futoryan spotted a basal cell carcinoma on my face, although the dermatologist with whom I had been regularly treating, completely missed it. After having her visual diagnosis confirmed by a biopsy, she then arranged for me to see the best Mohs specialist in the state. Her concern and attentiveness before and after the surgery were extraordinary. More recently, during a routine body skin check, she correctly identified (and  subsequently removed) a melanoma, that to anyone else would have looked like a small freckle. Her medical skills are amazing and she is supported by staff, all of whom are competent, professional and caring. In addition to purely medical procedures, Dr. Futoryan is excellent  when it comes to cosmetic/elective procedures. She is both detail orientated and reassuring, carefully explaining before, during and after the procedure, exactly what the patient should expect. Dr. Futoryan treats each of her patents with extraordinary skill and sensitivity. She’s the best.

E. Lubell

Westport Dermatology and Laser Center exceeded my expectations. The staff is efficient, knowledgeable and very approachable. The doctor is an excellent diagnostician, and is sensitive to the needs of her patients. I have had several skin checks and am impressed with the thoroughness of the exams. When surgical removal was necessary, the doctor was sensitive to the aesthetic outcome. I feel fortunate to have found this center.

E. Horowitz

Dr Futoryan:

Thank you for putting together a truly caring, professional team at Westport Dermatology.

Since I became one of your patients last year, I have been positively impressed with the diligent and thoughtful care provided by your Physician Assistant, Christina and her assistant, Emily. And Marie and Linda in the front office are always pleasantly helpful in setting up appointments and managing insurance issues.

Too often these days, healthcare practitioners are so focused on the business aspects of their practice that they forget the “care” part of healthcare. Thank you for resisting that trend, and for creating your caring team!

Douglas BTrumbull, CT