We Need to Talk about Vaginal Health

Skin Tightening Westport, CTThe discussion about women’s health is incomplete if we do not acknowledge the integral aspect that vaginal health has in a woman’s sense of well-being. As women age, most experience changes that relate to pregnancy, childbirth, and hormones. These changes are often unexpected and rarely welcomed. However, because the condition we refer to as vaginal atrophy occurs over many years, the symptoms do not usually trouble women until they have become relatively severe.

Do you wonder if you are living with the symptoms of vaginal atrophy? Let’s see. If you lose urine when you laugh, sneeze, or otherwise exert yourself, it’s safe to say that your vagina has atrophied, or lost its tone. If sexual pleasure has diminished due to lack of lubrication or sensation, you might blame it on vaginal atrophy. But identifying the cause of unpleasant symptoms is not the objective. The goal here is to uncover a path toward improved wellness. At Westport Dermatology and Laser Center, that path includes ThermiVa.

What ThermiVa Is

ThermiVa is a part of the Thermi radiofrequency platform that delivers focused energy waves into superficial tissues to promote collagen synthesis. Just like the skin on the face and other external surfaces relies on collagen and elastin for suppleness and tone, so does the lining of the vagina. Collagen loss is the primary reason why women develop atrophy of the vaginal muscles and tissue.

What ThermiVa Does

ThermiVa incites collagen production in the vaginal canal. As a result, women can gain several benefits, including:

  • Better bladder control. It is in the vaginal canal where muscles support the bladder. Lack of collagen structure causes weakness in these muscles. One of the effects of muscle weakness is an inability to control urine flow adequately. By strengthening the strands of collagen in the vaginal canal, ThermiVa can diminish stress urinary incontinence.
  • Better sex. There has been a tendency for many women to deny their natural desire for sexual pleasure. This is changing. More women are speaking up about the struggle they have with sex. For some, it is a lack of sensation due to laxity. For others, it is pain caused by lack of lubrication. Both situations are related to collagen depletion in the vaginal lining, and both can be improved with ThermiVa.
  • Better self-esteem. A woman’s sense of self is established by several aspects of her livelihood. Sexual pleasure and bladder control happen to be two of them. When natural lubrication, structure, and strength are restored after being diminished, a woman’s sense of self-esteem usually increases noticeably.

ThermiVa is an in-office procedure that takes only a few minutes and does not require the use of any anesthesia. Women who have obtained this treatment report it as being comfortable and convenient, not to mention effective.

Learn more about ThermiVa non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation at (203) 226-3600.

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